Park the car. Clip-clop on uneven paving. I'm almost getting the hang of these shoes. No I'm not. Teeter! Crumple! Oops!

While not very busy at first, Domina eventually filled with a respectable number of people.

There was foot-worshipping Pete on his third party night in a row. Is no woman's foot safe from this man?

I offered to buy a round of drinks, but, when it came to time to pay, tipsy me was embarrassed to find that my little 'tits' purse was empty. I had left my money in my bag in the boot of the car. If I'm not having trouble with shoes, I'm having trouble with boots.

The little dungeonette was put to much entertaining use. Mistress Kim was splattering a subbie with wax from a gigantic three month candle, while a strapped-down man was frequently zapped on his bum with a device emitting jagged purple bolts of lightning.

I looked after Mistress's little black and white 'bra' bag while she mercilessly punished some man who really needed punishing, believe me. What us girls have to put up with, I don't know.

A woman in metal grabbed my bits. Her metal clothing became attached to my meshy dress. Help!

Ken and I danced with a lovely short woman - though not both at the same time. That would have been silly.

Then short woman was taken away from me. Where are you now, short woman? I miss your head resting on my mesh-covered nipple.

After wearing my new crippling shoes for almost 24 hours (on and off - I didn't sleep in them) I was beginning to develop leg muscles in legs I didn't know I had.

When I started to fall asleep in a chair, it was clearly time for the kidnap weekend to end and I was driven back to my little flatlet where I was left to figure out on my own ways into the two new dresses my Mistress had given me.

I am so spoiled. Thank you, my Mistress with the big red kissy lips. I love you.


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