Arousal Fetish describes itself thus:  “Arousal sexy fetish parties involve Sex & Silliness as well as serious fetish sceneing. So come prepared to crack a smile as well as a whip, darlings!” The idea of sex, silliness and sceneing seemed an ideal way to spend an evening at a club.  And I loved the by-line!

Arousal Fetish is on the edge of Dunstable upstairs in a purpose built hall which has a variety of themed rooms, a dungeon, separate small Saturday Night Fever style dance floor, a very rude cinema, and 5 private play rooms.  About an hour and 20 minutes from SE London it’s pretty easy to find, not far from the M1, if you exactly follow the instructions Mr Peter, who organises it, provides.  So round about 10.45 I found myself climbing the stairs to a very warm welcome at the reception desk.  Having simply worn a pair of jeans over the top of my fetish gear, I disrobed in the hallway and was all set.

 The main room has a small bar serving soft drinks, tea and coffee. You can bring your own alcohol if you want, and as I was buying my first Red Bull of the evening Mistress Luna came up, introduced herself as the wife of Mr Peter, and then gave me a guided tour around the club.  She carefully explained how the equipment worked, what the club rules were, and how the couple’s room worked.  She then introduced me to some of the other early clubbers and then left me as she went to greet other arrivals.

After such a pleasant start to the evening, the evening went from strength to strength.  Chatting to the regulars it was obvious that the club was steadily gaining a group of fervent admirers.  There was a mix of over 40 couples and singles, people into BDSM, people just into dressing up, beginners and long standing players.  Everyone was pretty friendly, and as the club filled up, people started to play in the various rooms.  Outfits ranged from rubber and leather corsets and harnesses, to sexy lingerie, but with most of the emphasis on the fetish side.  There were two gorgeous sisters running round in slave harness outfits which I would have loved to photograph. The very relaxed rules, possible because it was a dedicated hall, meant that the play ranged from strictly pain/pleasure S/m play through to Dom/sub scenarios and some people who just liked sexy play in sexy gear.  From time to time people disappeared off to the more private rooms for more intimate scenarios.

Obviously I wasn’t the only Southerner venturing north of Watford, as I bumped into other another regular from the London scene.  Unfortunately I had to head off around 2.30 am with the club still filling up, and everyone having a great time.

I’d certainly managed to enjoy myself and found the club a refreshing change from the London clubs.  Everyone was having a good time, no one was taking it too seriously, and for those who wanted it there was certainly scope to enjoy the erotic aspects of BDSM as well as the pain.  So next time you’re looking for something to do on a Friday night, try venturing up the M1 and give Arousal Fetish a try.  You may well be surprised at how much fun you can have!

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