London Fetish Scene
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London Fetish Scene
London Fetish SceneLondon Fetish Scene
London Fetish Scene London Fetish Scene
The London Fetish Scene website is the inimitable guide to what's on in London's fetish scene with galleries of club nights, the definitive calendar to what's on in London and the world famous Wipipedia.

Spring is in the air and the events calendar is full again of interesting and varied events and meets. CCK has reopened at its new premises in Warren Street and already is hosting munches and supplying cake to the cognescenti.

Bondage events seem to be growing in popularity, many low key and intimate. The success of Peer Kink London shows the importance of learning new kinks, or seeing things afresh.

And the galleries are slowly getting repopulated, with some amazing hsitory in the archives.

bobette x