The LondonFetishScene crew were out in force over this particular weekend. Our Devoted Conrad the founder of the LFS takes top honours for escorting a gaggle of young ladies all newcomers to the scene, all naive, all corruptible (and all walking all over him). Myself on this occasion wanted to introduce one of the UK's top DVD porn producers and distributor to the delightful fetish scene and I must say it (only cos I will get a slap if I don’t) to the delightful and scrumptious lady of leisure Kim of Club Rub.

Right that’s enough brown nosing, what was the actual night like? Um hot, entertaining, hot, full of new faces, hot and I was so happy to be amongst friends and comfortable surroundings (oh and I am sure I mentioned it somewhere it was fucking hot.)

With every fetish club in this day and age it is expected to see photographers running around clicking away capturing the delights we all long to see, (tits and arse), beautiful costumes and interesting people (and tits and arse). JesSucker and I over the past year an half have been photographed countless of times and have come across some fantastic photographers however there has been a slow decline in some of them feeling that they can take a pic and just leave some without even a thank you, some even go so far as to say if you want a copy of the pic you can go to there web site and download it however you will have to join and become a member or even pay per picture. (I would be a millionaire if I made every photographer pay for my image) Kim at Club Rub has ensured she obtains where ever possible that she gets a copy of all images taken by all attending photographers and posts them on the official Club Rub web site at

Jess and I have taken one step further (or one wheel in my case) to ensure we have some control over pics taken of ourselves, we haven chosen dedicated and proven photographers that will send us the images on discs to us. (If a photographer wants your pic they should at least meet you halfway). Remember the photographer has exclusive rights to every image they take and can even earn hundreds of pounds.Normally at this time of the year with it being the holidays (yea take the little buggers to another land, just don’t bring them back) and many clubs find their numbers drop. NOT so at Club Rub with its fantastic DJs pumping out the latest and favourite sounds of the perve, what’s more also the Dungeon area with superb equipment supplied by Dave and Annie at Playpenz and I must add being the only dungeon that ensures you can swing more than a cat by roping off a safe distance from the equipment.I had and have always had the time of my clubbing carrier at Club Rub and as always I am looked after and respected. There is always good looking, friendly, enthusiastic couples, singles, Masters and Mistresses some out standing costumes and mountains of flesh (some mountains being peaks with over hangs to swing from).

Before this year is out JesSucker and I immigrate to New Zealand and I can defiantly say I shall miss Club R,U,B and the perverts that I have come call Family.


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