London Fetish Scene
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The London Fetish Scene website provides an up-to-date calendar of all that is happening in London, galleries from the clubs, and the Wipipedia (a fetish wiki).

We have new software, a new server, and some financial stability; so we hope to be around for some time. The site still is very much work in progress but we are aiming to get it back to its position of being the best resource for what's happening in London and the South East.

One of the things we will be building is a simple to use advertising system for organisers and businesses to promote their clubs, websites, and stores. In due course we will have a user managed advertising system however until this is ready we will adopt a simple slot based system for adverts. The way this will work is to split the banner rotation between 4 slots and charge £5 per week per slot with a minimum charge of £10. There will always be 4 adverts running on the website, although some of these will be fillers where we do not have a paid slot currently running.

Currently the site is gerating about 160,000 page views a month (excluding search engine crawlers) from about 40,000 visitors.

If you would like to have an advert (size: 728 by 90 pixels) on the LFS website email and we will look at getting up on the site.