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Provisional listing

This is a provisional listing. The event is being listed because it normally runs on a set day each month. We do not, however, have confirmation from the organiser that it is still happening on this date. If you are planning to go you should visit the website to see if there is more up to date information about the event.

Event name: Hammersmith Munch. The consensual Hug Munch                  
Event Date: 24/11/17 (DD/MM/YY)
Start Time: 19:00                                                        
End Time: 01:00                                                        
A busy west London munch that evolves from a quiet friendly chat early on to a standing up party later on. Located in an accessible late night stripped pine pub that serves jolly nice Thai food in west London.

The Duke of Cornwall is a delightful small pub recently refurbished to remove all breakable items and has two redeeming features. Firstly it is the last pub on the queue before the Hammersmith Apollo so the landlord Ray and bar staff have no idea what normal people wear normally. Secondly it has a late license on Friday nights. The cheap shite white wine is cheap.

Kinky bill will be wearing his Cornish Kilt and will be delighted to say a few words of encouragement and introduce you to anyone else who is there.  
Dress Code:
Cost of Entry: Free                                                         
Duke of Cornwall
48 Fulham Palace Road, W6 9PH  
Map: A map.......