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This is a confirmed listing. However events do occcasionally change venue, time, or date at short notice. It is always worthwhile checking any webslites linked to the event to get the latest information available. If you do find that our information is wrong then please do leave feedback as it will alert us to correct the listing and warn other users of a potentially wasted journy.

Event name: PisSoir                                                      
Event Date: 24/11/17 (DD/MM/YY)
Start Time: 21:00                                                        
End Time: 03:00                                                        
PisSoir - London's Most Extreme Bisexual Piss Fetish Sex Party!

This adult sex party is for bisexual/pansexual PISS and WATERSPORTS fetishists.

You may be 'giving' or 'receiving' (or both). You may be Male or Female, Single or a Couple, TV/TG/CD or Gender-Fluid, Straight, Bi or Gay... Everybody is welcome!

If you are looking for respectful, free-spirited, open-minded, sexually intelligent piss & watersports play-mates then this is the party for you!

Tickets and memberships will be sold on the DOOR ONLY for this event. Membership IS REQUIRED because these are exclusively PRIVATE events. We have tried to make the prices as fair as possible for everyone, no matter whether you are male, female or 'anything' else.

Singles £50 (+ Annual Membership £30) ​
Couples £25 ​(per person) (+ Annual Membership £30 per person).
Student discounts available - please ask us!

To attend you MUST Reserve Your Tickets / Pre-Book from the website
Dress Code:
We do NOT enforce a strict dress code for this particular event. However, we VERY MUCH ENCOURAGE all forms of fetish clothing, sexy outfits and COMPLETE NUDITY – whatever turns you on! 
Cost of Entry: See description                                              
New secret venue in London E17 
Map: A map.......           
Website:                                 !PisSoir/c5tz                         
Phone: 07722 587 951