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This is a confirmed listing. However events do occcasionally change venue, time, or date at short notice. It is always worthwhile checking any webslites linked to the event to get the latest information available. If you do find that our information is wrong then please do leave feedback as it will alert us to correct the listing and warn other users of a potentially wasted journy.

Event name: Bromley Sub Munch                                            
Event Date: 16/01/18 (DD/MM/YY)
Start Time: 19:00                                                        
End Time: 23:00                                                        
Calling all sub, littles, bottoms, pets, brats, unicorns and anyone else who identifys themselves on the bottom end of the BDSM spectrum.

A few questions answered about the Bromley Munch sub night.........

Q - So why do we have a Dom/me night and a sub night-

A - Well, the idea of the two separate nights is to introduce a slightly different dynamic to the evening and gives both the Dom/mes and subs the opportunity to talk more freely about their specific roles, ask questions, give advice...etc etc (the Doms plot and scheme...and the subs collude and conspire) basically we have a few drinks and chat the night away just like a regular Munch, but some newbies find these separate events a little less intimidating :)

If you haven't been to a sub night before there is a link to one of our regulars account of a sub night below.

Please remember this particular event is purely for those who take the submissive/bottom/little role, so if your Dominant this event is not for you, however you'll be more than welcome to attend the Dom/me night that's held bimonthly, so be sure to keep an eye out for that one, and of course our regular munch is held on the 3rd Thursday of every month, where everyone is welcome :)

Q - I am a switch, can I still attend the sub night?

A - As long as your feeling subby on the night, then yes absolutely, we look forward to meeting you :)

This event will take place at The Wetherspoons Pub, Bromley South. From 7pm

The usual tables will be booked, just make your way to the far back of the pub, past the bar (grab a drink on your way in) follow the bar round into the family area. Our table is usually in front of the fire exit, next to the kitchen door. Look out for a Derek reserved sign on the tables.

The pub is in an excellent location for all major transport links and there is plenty of parking in the side street adjacent to the pub, just remember to check parking restrictions before you leave your car. See map below -

Any questions please feel free to message De-sire on FetLife
Dress Code:
Cost of Entry: Free                                                         
Weatherspoons - Richmal Crompton
23 Westmoreland Rd, Bromley, BR1 1DS 
Map: A map.......