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1. A muzzled male slave wearing the heavy Carrara chastity belt as standard 24/7/365 kneeling in front of his Master. Pic of myself made by SMartPics

BenHur's experience of the Carrara Designs male chastity belt

The power of enforced chastity

Men are penis-driven beings. There can be no doubt about that. Their desire for regular orgasms is inborn. Sooner or later they want to cum. Having power over the sex of a man therefore means having power over the man himself.

The ability for someone to deny another man his natural desire will give the first an immense grip on the behaviour of the latter: as an ultimate result the latter will do nearly everything the first wants, just to become able to come. In fact the latter looses his free will, and therefore his freedom, because when his inborn longing for a delivering orgasm is growing and growing, it swamps all other thoughts or wishes and thus in the end will rule his mind totally.

2. A small step for a boy, but a big step into slavery. Crossing the border: a new slave is brought along into the workshop of Carrara Designs to get securely belted. Allready a long row of slaves did precede, and a long row of slaves will follow in the future. Pic made by Coolpictures for Carrara designs

It will be for that reason that cum control is of growing importance in so many homosexual Master-slave-relationships in the last decades. Having the power to allow or to deny to a slave makes a Master supreme, and the slave like wax in His hands. I haven't any statistics at hand, but by experience, just by looking at the terms for such a relationship formulated in internet profiles, or by contacting other Masters myself, i know that obligatory chastity (for the slave) plays an increasing role as one of the basic conditions a would-be slave have to submit to to become adopted. Enforced orgasm-denial for good reason often is considered as a must. One of the first things a Master nowadays demands of His slave is that he'll give up his say about his own sexuality totally. Not only the slave has to accept that he may be sucked or fucked by his Master when He wants it, but also that the penis and balls attached to his own slave body are from now on not anymore his own, but his Masters property, of course including their content. That means: he himself is after his enslaving no longer allowed to waste his semen freely, as his Master, AND ONLY HE, has the right to decide if and when he is allowed to empty his balls by getting an orgasm.

From temporary cum control to more or less long-term enforced chastity than is not a very big step.

In fact, all this is not really new. Since old times, experienced Masters have agreed that chastity is good for slaves, because it keeps them horny and thus more eager to serve. It is well-known that most slaves lack the capacity for sexual self-control, like most men in general. But in the case of slaves it is of course a bigger problem than in the case of free men, as undisciplined slaves do build a major problem to their Master(s). Because when they do cum, they become lazy until the NEED TO ORGASM again becomes paramount.

To counteract this natural lack of sexual self-discipline of slaves, the chastity belt was invented.

The chastity belt is one of the most brilliant devices ever contrived in human history for a Master to enforce His will on his slave. It enables Him to control the sexual behaviour of His slave totally also when absent Himself: a lockable device of - mostly - stainless steel, that is wrapped around the genitals, or at least the penis of the slave, making erections, or at least orgasms impossible. Once securely locked up by his Master, the slave isn't able to free himself and is now for his own sexual desires totally dependent on the leniency of his Master. To insure that the fallible slave does not have to concern himself with self-control, thoughtfull Masters therefore will fit their slaves out with a real stainless-steel chastity belt, to get them obedient on their knees (pic 1). For many a boy, used to wanking whenever he wants, in the start it will be very frightening, when his new Master tells him that being a mere slave from now on he is going into long-term chastity, as it was for me at the moment I was told so.

3. A typical chastity-cage, totally transparent and consisting of a penis-tube plus a ring encirclimg the shaft behind the balls, padlocked around the well-shaven genitals of a slave. This is the most popular type of device used nowadays
4. The Tollyboy for male slaves securely locked on - the prototype for a lot of other narrow-fitting modern popular chastity belts
5. A modern female belt of the Florentine type, manufactured by Bill Jones: the main appearance is the same as in the case of a male chastity belt: a horizontal circular band of steel around the waist, a vertical semi-circular band of steel through the wearer's crotch attached to the back and locked to the front of the waist-belt to close the whole device

The chastity belt in modern history

Forget everything about the Middleages, about knights locking their housewifes when themselve joining a Crusade: in modern times most chastitybelts aren't worn by women, but by men, or better: by male slaves. There are plenty of chastity devices now on the market for men, far less for women. Far the biggest part of them in fact are no real chastity BELTS, but mere chastity cages, locking just around the slave's penis and his balls. Only a minority of them is made of steel, the majority of some synthetic material (pic 3).

But there is a growing interest for real chastity belts, of the socalled Florentine type, that by the main public is regarded as the characteristic one. This is the more advanced and serious version, so to say the Rolls Royce of the chastity devices, that is preferred especially when long-term chastity is desired in the context of a real Master-slave-relationship, as they are much safer - being more escapeproof - than most of the chastity cuffs. The chastity belt therefore is a device a slave loves to hate and hates to love. It is mercyless. It does without any hesitation wat it is intended to do: it ondeed keeps the wearer chaste.

All chastity belts of the Florentine type have the same main characteristics for men and women. They consist of two bands of steel, one horizontal circular, one other vertical, making up half a circle. The horizontal steel band encircles the waist just above the hips. Square to it at the middle of the front a second band of steel is attached, that goes vertical through the crotch of the wearer, covering the genitals and perineum, and is attached at the back of the waistbelt. In most models a central lock at the front both closes the waistbelt and attaches the upper end of the crotchband to it at the same time (pic 5). Often this crotchband is broadened at the lower front part, denying access to the whole genital zone. In case of male belts the penis tube behind this special genital plate sometimes is connected to it by a separate lock, affording several positions. As they have to be made to measure to fit well around the body of the wearer, chastity belts of the Florentine type are more expensive than the simple chastity cages.

The first modern chastity belt of the Florentine type, the socalled Tollyboy, was produced 1958 by Hal Higginbottom at Sheffield (pic 4), but in the first decades after that such belts still were rather rarely seen, as he had to handcraft all by himself alone. Nearly unknown in the SM-scene untill the nineteen-nineties, since than the use of chastity-devices has spread however in America and Europe both with rapid speed, thus becoming less and less uncommon. And according to the conditions of slavery and thelike in internetprofiles, there is a still growing need for them to discipline and control slaves indeed (pic 6).

With the worldwide demand for chastity belts steadily increasing also others were encouraged to produce them. So again ans again new manufacturers started to design and to produce their own models, often in their main aspects still based on the original Tollyboy; there will exist at least several dozen in total now. Recently even a cheap Chinese model, called the Enforcer, entered the market in big amounts, that by being adjustable in length and width, should fit all.

One of them who made a booming business of building chastity belts during the last decade is Carrara Designs near the Belgian city of Antwerp. A lot of Masters allready did find their way into his well-equiped workshop to change the sexual fate of their slaves for ever (pic 2). And a lot surely will follow in the future too.

Growing market for chastity belts

Figures about the use of chastity devices are rare, but information from belt-makers suggests that at least three quarters of them are worn by men, one half in a heterosexual, the other half in a homosexual context. The main reason to wear one for men and women is different, due to their different sexual anatomy. For women a chastity belt is in the first place a protection against sexual intercourse: against being penetrated by somebody else. To men a chastity belt is applied in the first place to prevent masturbation: it's about changing the behaviour of the wearer himself.

A recent poll (2012) among chastened men[1] gives more information; of the participating wearers, more than 40% are locked up already more than twenty days each month, and 70% are up for wearing a chastity belt 24/7. According to a synchronous estimation[2] this means that no fewer than 30.000 (!) men in Europe and America come to work wearing a chastity device; a minority of them are even kept in a real heavy stainless steel chastity belt of the Florentine model, discreetly hidden by their daily dress, many being locked up more or less 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The mental impact of the letter of course is much bigger than just wearing a simple chastity cage, as the experience of feeling permanently the steel belt around your waist and the steel band through your crotch while just doing your ordinary job, reminds you at your sexually unfree state all the time.

Demands for a good chastity belt

What should a good functioning chastity belt for men of the classical Florentine type achieve? In the first place, the whole apparatus should prevent at least any possibility of sexual intercourse, masturbation and orgasms for the wearer, so any active fucking, any manual stimulation and any cumming. This is the point, right? It just should be relentless effective in that respect: Once locked, chastity is fully inflicted and cannot tempered with. The better ones even make any erection and anal penetration impossible, or at least very painfull, so deny the wearer indeed every kind of sexual satisfaction.

In the second place, it should be impossible for the wearer to escape from his belt by pushing it over the hips. A narrow fit is essential, all good chastity belts are therefore made to measure, and those measurements have to be taken very precisely by the manufacturer to produce a handcrafted belt that fits your individual body completely at every point; this is really important for a secure and safe wear.

In the third place, it should be impossible to open the locks with simple instruments: a high-security-locking-system is essential. A good chastity belt means: once locked the wearer can not open his belt without the keys, or just pust it out. His total chastity is now provided for 100%.

In the fourth place, it should be possible to wear the belt for long extended periods, not just for a few hours, without any health or hygienic problems. So it should be no problem to go to toilet, to take a shower and to clean up it properly by the wearer himself while the belt stays securely locked on. And although of course every victim knows he is not going to wear linen underwear, a good chastity belt therefore after some inevitable habituation-time should be comfortable enough to wear the whole day without problems; one should be able to move normally in it, so sit in it, to sleep in it, without pain or pressure at certain points.

Because for real serious chastity the chastity belt of course is also to be worn in normal daily life, in the fifth place, a good chastity belt shouldn't show under normal clothes, as most wearers don't make mention of their locked state on their facebookpage.

All this makes a good chastity belt automatically rather expensive. The best of them - in safety, comfort etcetera - may cost you not much less than 1000 Euros. But a wellmade belt, that fulfills those five demands, will last a lifetime and gives the wearer - and moreover his keyholder - something very important in return: unrelenting absolute chastity, if deemed desirable for many years to come, just as long as it stays locked on.

The belts produced by Carrara Designs

6. The Carrara in use for disciplining another male slave
7. The female version of the Carrara in use. Note the small difference in outward appearance, compared with the male belt
8. The older model of Carrara Design, still without ball-cages, thus showing the testicles of the wearer in a very emphatic way
9. The newest model, showing the widened protector with the bigger round padlock in the centre

Carrara Designs in Belgium have for already many years produced both male and female chastity belts of several types, that are based on the traditional belted design with a lockable belt going around the waist and a second steel strap passing between the legs that, in the male version, holds the cock cage in place (pic 1). In a lot of aspects this excellent belt, that is made to measure to fit as perfectly as possible, differs from the standard and is more complicated, and therefore is described more extensively below.

The pictures show the most elaborate design Carrara has to offer customers, an extremely heavy high-security chastity belt for men, covering both the testicles and penis of the wearer with a huge protector - a cock tube between two ball cages - forged together with a rigid steel case containing the ingenious locking system (pics 135 and 16). Older more simple models delivered by the same manufacturer restricted themselves to enveloping the penis only, showing the balls openly; compared to the newer one the wearer of this standard type of belt looks rather naked (pic 8).

Perhaps for that reason, and for the guaranteed extra safety, the heavy really-covering-all Carrara is gaining ground more and more. As a beginning the more simple and lighter model may often be chosen, but in a lot of cases after a few years it is exchanged for a more complicated and heavy one. In the end Master after Master yet does prefer the most total chastity belt available, and thus slave after slave ends locked up this way irrevocably (pic 6).

In the female version of the Carrara, which is nearly as huge as the male belt, instead of the complicated wrapping of the male genitals, the slightly bulging vast frontal plate directly covers with one big curve the whole vaginal area (pic 7).

The belt is made entirely of very thick stainless steel (total weight of the male version: 1.8 kilos!) and closes with only one very well-protected rectangular padlock (with the keyhole underneath) in the upper half of the protector, that holds all parts of the belt immovably together. For extra safety it comes with two identical special sawn-off keys, which cannot be copied in a standard locksmith's shop.

Because the small stainless steel version of the padlocks, which are needed to prevent rust, for a while were running out (now they are available again), the manufacturer had to develop recently a slightly deviating version of the belt (pic 9), containing a bigger round padlock with the keyhole not underneath but in front; therefore the total upper half of the protector also had to get a different form, whereas the lower half with the penis tube between the ball cages could stay the same. Waist-belt and string hadn't to become altered too.

My need of wearing a chastity belt

But before describing the belt and the way it is used and worn, just a short personal remark. Like most sex slaves i too failed to upheld my own chastity, whoremongering in gay bars regularly and ejaculating even twice a day. To put an end to all this and to ensure that i didn't have to concern myself with my sexual needs (and neither would He have to), my former Master therefore decided i had to learn to wear 24/7/365 a real stainless-steel chastity belt. It immediately would put an end to all self-masturbation and at the same time make clear to every potential seducer that i was His EXCLUSIVE SEXUAL PROPERTY. As we didn't live together, belting me would guarantee Him my total chastity also when out of His sight. Thus i got my heavy new unescapable piece of underwear. For me as a slave there was no choice. After having only a few weeks to get used to the harsh new feeling of being locked up in unescapable steel by extending the periods of enforced wearing rather speedily, i therefore would have to wear the belt semi-permanently.

10. The freshly stripped, collared & leashed slave taken to the manufacturer and forced to present his clean shaven genitals to get them measured securely on behalf of his new heavy stainless high-security chastity belt. For a good fit, not less than sixteen different measurements of his body have to be taken. Every new slave who has to wear a Carrara to guarantee his Owner his future total chastity has to go through this humiliating procedure at the start of the belting experience, which mostly takes a quarter of an hour. Pic made by Coolpictures for Carrara designs
11. A lot of dates about your most intimate parts are needed to have your new chastity belt made to measure. This was the most humiliating moment: having my cock measured for the right fit of its future high-security prison
12. As the tube should be wide enough to store a soft cock without problems, but to narrow to allow any erection, its exact circumference is essential for a good fit, to guarantee comfort to the slave and his chastity to his Owner

To be absolutely sure, the special high-security heavy Carrara-belt was chosen, as it is totally tamper proof due to the special locking system with the thick welded case hiding the padlock. It is therefore safe in two respects: NO RISK of a break-out, and NO RISK of unauthorised loss of semen. Both my Master of course considered very important.

So we drove twice from Amsterdam to the manufacturer living near Antwerpen, as the belt has to be tailor-made to fit well - the first time to have my most intimate parts catched unwaveringly and measured securely by the manufacturer to be sure the chastity-piece would fit as exact as possible, the second time to get my new belt after some last small adjustments applied to my waist for the first time and thereafter return home locked up (pic 15), my Master of course keeping both the keys.

Every slave getting a Carrara has to go through all that, including this humiliating procedure of being forced to present your genitals to a stranger (pic 10) and having him fingering your cock and balls in a rather mechanical way (pics 11 and 12), as if you're just a bull on a cattle-market, as for the best and most comfortable fit, so for your own well-being the manufacturer has to do that himself.

Becoming belted myself

It was indeed one of my most humiliating experiences as a slave ever, as my Master decided that at the second visit also his three other (unbelted) slaves should go with us to see me becoming belted the first time, as an extra punishment for me and a warning to them to behave well - i.e. chaste by self-control and thus sexually loyal to Him the whole time - themselves.

Already having had my crotch clean-shaven at my Master's home in their presence before, i now in Belgium after arriving at the manufacturers home had to undress again in front of them, where my huge brand-new chastity belt already was waiting for me, put on show on a cushion on a table, ready for locking around my waist soon. I perceived from a distance with some horror the crucial small key sticking from underneath in the gold-coloured padlock, that would decide about my sexual possibilities in the future.

I must confess, i was a little shocked by the huge dimensions of the device i would have to wear semi-permanent in the future in order that my Master would be quite sure about my absolute chastity, now when i did see it for the first time in reality (pics 13 and 14). I trembled a little at the sight, as I hadn't expected it to be as big and heavy as that! Especially the genital protector with the locking-case looked very impressive and intimidating. Oh my God! Within a few minutes that heavy piece of thick steel would encase my cock and balls, and i would experience its enormous weight at my own body. Once belted securely and locked safely, there would be no chance whatever to escape my eunuchial fate!

I didn't get much time to think it all over, as the manufacturer took up the belt quickly, demonstrated my Master how it worked and thereupon folded the wide waist-band of the belt from behind around my middle, and than, now standing in front of me, took the upper end of the huge protector hanging between my legs and moved it upward (pic 30). He thereupon quickly took my slave cock to put it immediately in the penis-tube before i perhaps would get an erection because of my excitement. My balls now automatically disappeared in the attached side-cages (pic 31). The protector was moved further upward, in order that both loose ends of the waist-belt could slide in the protector, first to the right, than to the left (pics 32 and 33). As soon as the right position inside was reached, the knob above the encased padlock was pushed downwards by him, whereupon i heard the fatal short click of a shackle being shut up in its lock (pic 34). The manufacturer pulled and jerked at the belt to be absolutely sure that the lock couldn't burst open spontaneously, but when nothing happened indeed, he took the key out (pic 35) and handed it over to my Master, assuring Him that i was safe now, as the chastity belt was sticked irrevocable around my waist and my total chastity would be assured as long as it would stay there.

15.The heavy Carrara high-security chastity belt securely locked around my waist. Note that the penis tube is nearly invisible because of my big balls, thus reducing the difference in overall form versus the protector of the female belt to mere width because of the narrowly grated ball cages
13. A brand-new Carrara chastity belt ready to be locked on a new male slave for the first time. Note the small keys still sticking from underneath into the gold-coloured encased padlock above the only slightly bulging penis tube in the centre of the protector
14. Inside view of the male Carrara waiting for use by the next victim. Note the white entrance of the penis tube between both halves of the big ball cage underneath the huge and thick locking-block-frontshield, waiting for the new slave's penis to become covered up soon and secured for longer periods

Within thirty seconds all was done. I was locked up (pic 36).

Being locked up securely

When the manufacturer wrapped the ends of the waist-band around my body and did lift the protector, i wondered if the belt would fit me at all. It seemed to me that the loose ends of the waist-band would be even to short to reach the first notch (out of five) of the groove inside the locking block. But the manufacturer without hesitation to my alarm took the third one for the left waistband-end - and than the same for the right one! I didn't believe that this was possible without nearly strangling me, and indeed the narrow way the belt encircled me relentlessly thereafter was overwhelming (pic 15).

This was quite an unforeseen sensation, a feeling of bondage untill than totally unknown to me! I really was emberrassed by what happened to me when the manufacturer applied the belt that tight! The way the waist-belt constricted me on all sides in a merciless and inescapable way now - and would do all the time thereafter - really did feel me totally locked up. The waistbelt of the Carrara is much thicker and thus heavier and stronger than of the more simpler belts of the manufacturer, and perhaps also than of all other chastity belts existing. Wider at the middle of the back, the belt itself has a firm grip on your slavebody from behind, whereas the protector from the front does the same to your genitals: it is a feeling, as if somebody is holding fast your balls all the time without ever loosening his grip on them. You're immediately aware of the fact, that once the belt is shut and the key taken out, there is no escape.

But this was not the end. After having done this to me, the manufacturer pulled the tight belt with some firm jerks upwards, so that my balls now slipped wholy into their predestined cages - i saw them being filled totally by my testicles, their red skin was pushing against the bars, occupying their prisons completely (pic 17). Than, because the waistbelt was to thick and strong to bow by hand, he took some iron tool to bow the belt at those places where there was still some room left, against my skin, so that i felt entrapped by my chastity belt - the identification of the Carrara as 'my belt' was coming soon - even more (pic 19).

So in the beginning it felt all very narrow and uncomfortable, for my belly and my genitals both, and i wondered if i ever would feel me well in this heavy chastity-device. But allthough you're the whole time aware you're locked up, the feeling of discomfort dissappeared rather quickly, as i could move in it and bow in it without problems (thanx to all the hinges), and the piece of irons didn't hinder me by all movements to be done (apart of the highly desired sexual of course). By letting my Master try out a little looser fit (one notch more outward) later i learned that in fact a rather narrow fit was more comfortable, as it in a way did melt the skin of my slave body and the steel of my chastity belt together, and made the latter into a second skin. But the grip on your back alsways will be very firm because the waistbelt is very thick and high, and once locked around your waist with an appropriate narrow fit it is nearly totally immovable at the back (pics 20 and 21)

My initial fear that the diameter of the penis-tube, that depending on my first feeling seemed to be filled by my cock completely, would be to small too, didn't became true. In a non-erect state it didn't touch the walls of its prison, and after the first excitement was over and i began to relax, i had no problems weith pissing for the first time in my life through a penistube in the manufacturer's loo, by doing it (on his advice) very slowly. While sitting, i could see nothing, but only feel what was going on underneath.

In this respect, being belted in the Carrara is also a special sensation. Without a mirror, of course you can not see and only feel most parts of the big waistband that holds you so firmly from behind (pic 21). But also looking down in front of yourself (pic 43), you only see a part of the protector that imprisons you sexually. You have a view at its straight upperside, where the belt-ends are held in the locking-block, with the pushed-down knob that did close the padlock in between. Underneath the locking-block you see the protector, and get a glance of your balls behind bars. Of your penis you see no fraction of an inch, and the curved lower end of the hiding tube with its small holes making urinating while belted possible, is totally invisible from above (pic 18).

Desexualisation of the wearer

The belts for men and women from the outside look, at first sight, very similar (pics 6 and 7), the enormous eye-catching protector in front in both cases screening the whole genital zone from curious looks. Thus, by hiding the sex of the wearer, in a way the belt desexualises the male slave. The visual differences between both belts are less than the similarities, making belted male and female slaves look more alike, which especially in mixed slave company, will have a profound psychological effect on the male. The protector plate of the male version of the commonly-worn model of chastity belt will be only a little bit wider, as it has to cover the testicles too.

Thus for the wearer, the vital parts of his masculinity are not only totally covered by steel and so made inaccessible, but even their existence as such is nearly denied in a humiliating way, since their distinguishing male extension is reduced to nil. In contrast to a lot of other chastity devices which may strike the eye by their emphasized protruding cock shells, the central penis tube of a Carrara in fact may often be nearly invisible, being no more than just a narrow and slight bulge in the already slightly-bended huge continuous genital plate of steel reaching without interruption from navel to crotch. This is especially the case if the wearer has big testicles, and thus the ball cage has to be big too (pic 16).

16.Front view of the protector. The various numbers, indicating crucial parts of the ingenious locking system of the belt, are explained in the text to the left
17.Sideview of the protector
18.The totally closed penis tube between the grated ball-cages from underneath. The vertical row of small holes for urination is just visible at the far end near the bolts that fix the closed penis tube to the small ass-string

Total chastity

By using a Carrara for disciplining a slave, his ABSOLUTE chastity will be guaranteed. Perhaps the most restricting and secure male chastity belt up till now, it makes masturbation, orgasm and sexual intercourse (both genital and anal) totally impossible and can be worn permanently. For this reason hundreds of slaves all over the world now have to wear a Carrara as standard 24/7/365 (pic 40 till 42). The belt fits like a second skin of steel around the waist of the wearer, and if applied and locked carefully there is no risk that he can escape his fate. The keyholder can leave him alone with a clear conscience.

In contrast to most other belts, the protector also covers the testicles completely for more security, which explains its extraordinary weight and width. The outward ends of the grated cage-like structures for the balls on both sides of the penis tube reach to the skin of the lower belly of the wearer (no.6 on pics 16 and 17, leaving only a little room for touching the testicles with difficulty from behind, thus making serious sexual stimulation impossible. Also the bars of both the cages, which looks a little like a squeezer to cut boiled eggs into slices, are so near to each other, that the balls can't get aroused by the wearer with help of his fingers along that way.

19. Rear view of the Carrara locked on, showing the thick and high waistband encircling the slave's belly, the triangular traverse plate protecting the tail-bone, the connecting ass-string and the lower end of the penis tube
20. Side view of the Carrara belt locked on, curving over the hips
21. Rear view of a Carrara-belted slave in upright position

For the same security reason, the penis is further locked away in a separate and totally closed penis tube inside the protector (see pic 14 and no.5 on pics 16 and 17) between the two ball-cages, which also - in contrast to the older simple model (pic 8) - make the underside of the entrance of the tube inaccessible, preventing any attempt by the wearer to pull the penis out with his fingers. They indeed make it nearly impractical for him to touch even the roots of his penis. The tube itself, moreover, is curved to make even erection, let alone ejaculation, impossible, and thus increases sexual frustration. As it lacks any internal lining, even a little stiffening of the penis, longing for a delivering orgasm, will be severely punished, as the sensitive gland will in that case touch the hard walls of the tube. For that reason a new wearer, immediately after being belted for the first time, should start to train himself very quickly to become able to avoid all spontaneous erections as they inevitably will be rather painful.

Trying to get that orgasm by 'fucking' the tube to end the enforced chastity, as is sometimes a 'solution' (although rather painful) for horny wearers of other belts who are getting mad at not cumming for a long time, is nearly impossible. The protector is much too big and clumsy for moving it up and down quickly, which of course in behalf of the keyholder increases the desired security of the belt in respect of absolute chastity very much.

Not only will the wearer be unable to fuck himself any longer, thanks to the tight string connecting tube and waist belt along the bottom (pic 19), his ass can't be used for a fuck by somebody else any more either.

No risk of escape

Because the Carrara is of the traditional Florentine type, with a waist-belt, a big front shield, and a narrow string over the perineum, there is no risk that the slave will escape out of the locked belt, as long as it is applied tightly enough around his body. The steel of the encircling waist-belt ([pic 21) is not less than 2mm thick and can't be broken without very strong tools, and it is absolutely impossible for the wearer to push it downwards over the hips (pic 20) to get the protector low enough to pull his penis out of the tube. To finish, the string covering his ass (pic 19), preventing anal penetration, connects the back of the waistband inexorably with the lower end of the protector and thus makes escape inconceivable.

Moreover the belt possesses an ingenious locking system, which one cannot easily destroy without very crude methods that will not go undetected by the keyholder. This makes the belt very safe. The shackle of the small gold-coloured padlock in the front plate is totally covered by the steel case attached to the protector to prevent destruction with bolt cutters (no.2 in pics 16 and 17). Both ends of the waist-band are flat strips that fit into a groove on the left and right top corner of the case (no.4 in the pics). On the far end of each of the strips there is one small knob that can be hooked in the down-direction in 5 different slots inside the steel case for adjustability, to apply the belt to the wearer for maximum security as tight as possible.

Once the right tension is found, another small knob on the upper end of the locking block (no.1 in the pics), just above the built-in padlock, only has to be pushed down to pull the hidden shackle into the visible gold-coloured case (no.2) of the padlock and thus lock the system definitively by pushing the walls of the grooves together and thereby pinning both knobs in the chosen slots, after which the key can taken out of the padlock from the flat recess at its lower side (no.3) and the wearer will stay chaste.

See also the separate chapter 'Locking mechanism' with pics 24-29 underneath.


As the Carrara is designed for long-term use, all other normal body functions can be performed by the belted wearer without problems, as it prevents only the sexual ones.

The ass-string which ensures anal chastity (pic 17) allows defecation without problems by pushing it slightly sideways. Just as the front plate of the female belt is pierced in the lower half for that reason, also in the case of the male belt a vertical and two crossing horizontal rows of very tiny holes at the lower end of the tube makes normal urination unproblematic while the belt stays securely locked on, the separate holes of which at the same time are too small to give any access for stimulation (pic 18). Because of this arrangement, the wearer will not be able to use urinals any more, and will always be forced to sit down and do things very slowly to avoid a mess.

For regular daily hygiene, opening the belt isn't necessary either, so there is no need of endangering the chastity of the wearer in that case too. He can take a shower or a bath while belted, without problems. The padlock is of stainless steel and so water is no problem. Only after one or two weeks is it necessary to unlock the belt for intensive cleaning. But as it is covering a big part of the slave's body, it is important to clean the genital zone every day extensively; the grates of the ball-cage and the holes of the penis tube are helpful for that. Nevertheless, due to the extraordinary size of the protector, in case of long periods of wearing, regular shaving of the pubic hair (i.e. totally clean-shaven every fortnight at least) is very advisable to have sweating reduced as much as possible.

22. Ready for use: the special super-metal-version of the Carrara seen from the inside, the absence of any lining compensated by more steel, the steel now touching your skin everywhere
23. Locked on: the extra heavy special super-metal-version of the Carrara without any lining. From the outside it looks nearly the same, but two kilos of solid steel only will touch the slave's carefully belted skin everywhere directly!


As the belt, which for all these security reasons is not only much heavier, but also more severe to wear than most other models and takes the wearer a lot of time to get accustomed to, maybe has to be worn for long uninterrupted periods and thus also at work, it is designed to be invisible under normal clothes. The outward form of the belt follows as nearly as possible the form of the body (pics 20 and 21). There are no bulges on unusual, and thus suspect places, because the padlock - which elsewhere is often protruding - of the Carrara is totally hidden (no.2 at pic 17). Even the huge protector itself (pic 15)doesn't show. Apart from that, it is contoured to the area between the legs, and does not affect walking and sitting of the enforced wearer too much (pic 18).

A lot of hinges allow the belt to adjust its position easily to movements of the body, as the separate steel pieces of the waist-band can't be bent easily. In contrast to most other chastity belts, the waist belt isn't straight, but curves up and down over the hips, following the contours of the body (pic 20).

The protector shield in the front is placed rather low (pic 15), to stop it from pushing into the ribs to much while sitting, but the wearer always will be aware of the huge locking-block than, as its inflexible upper side will press in his belly a little (pic 17). The belt is adaptable to changes in body circumference, as it can be secured around the waist in five different positions, but once one is chosen and the belt is locked at that width, of course no change is possible any more, and the belt will show itself relentless to the wearer.

For more comfort, the thick steel waistband is lined on the inside with enough neoprene to ensure that the steel will not touch the skin anywhere (pic 13), apart from the aggravated part including the locking-block around the genitals itself. The string covering the anus is for the same reason encased with rubber too. Nevertheless, because of the great weight, the firm grip of the not very flexible steel and the necessary tight fitting, the wearer will still be reminded of his locked-up state rather permanently (pic 21).

However, some wearers in the reverse might for some reason get their skin irritated by the neoprene, it sometimes may cause perspiration. For that reason, Carrara Designs recently developed for a customer a special supermetal chastitybelt without any internal lining. To compensate for the lacking neoprene for this one even a little bit thicker steel was chosen for the waistbelt and the protector both. The lock therefore also became more safe itself, as thanks to the extra layer of steel the normally eye-catching goldcoloured padlock in the centre of the protector has become totally invisible. In this case by a special mechanism even the possibility was created to lock the lock definitively, making it impossible to open it ever again. To prevent any shaving the steel of course had to be very smooth (pic 22). Once getting locked up, nearly two kilos of cold naked steel will touch the bare skin of the belted slave everywhere directly, which may be quite a special feeling, but of course it wil take on the temperature of the body soon ([pic 23).

24. The end of the waistbelt is lying next to the groove of the opened locking block with the padlock clearly visble in the middle
25. The end of the waistbelt is stuck into the groove of the locking block at the right tension, in this case the third of five

Locking mechanism

The pictures to the right and left (pics 24-29), by the manufacturer, show the functioning of the above-described special high-security locking mechanism, which makes the Carrara extremely safe, step by step. For a clearer view of the closing procedure of the belt, the steel case that hides the padlock is laid open.

Applying the belt

Once securely locked around the slave's waist, apart from cleaning regularly, the Master can trust the Carrara to do its work without help and doesn't need to look after it anymore. But to get there needs some experience from the side of the Master, as the slave's body may not work together with his Master's hands without problems.

26. The knob at the end of the waistbelt is hooked into the right slot of the groove of the locking block. The belt should fit around the slaves middle perfectly now
27. By pushing on the upper extension of the locking block the groove, with the knob of the waist-belt hooked in, will close. At once the hidden shackle of the padlock is pinned into its gold case

When confronted for the first time with his new tool of discipline, the slave for his part may become a little scared by its huge size and weight (pic 13). He may often get a spontaneous erection because of his excitement - as he got before when his most intimate parts were measured for the perfect fit (pic 11) - that will make it impossible to apply the belt to the victim, as his penis has to be very soft and supple to get it well into its predestined tube, without the risk of damaging skin or blood-vessels.

Taking hold of the penis by the keyholder with the purpose to do that, may have this effect. Therefore, after having applied the waist-belt around the slave's belly and taken the protector between the slave's legs to the front (thus covering the slave's perineum with the connecting ass-string), the keyholder will sometimes have to act very quickly as soon as the slave's penis has slackened a little, before stiffening starts again; once it is totally inside the tube, this will not be a problem any more, and the belt should be closed and locked rapidly to avoid further delay by new erections.

30. The knob at the end of the waist-belt now is fixed in an irrevocable way into the chosen slot of the groove of the locking block. The key can be taken out of the padlock now at the lower side
31. The key has been taken out of the padlock securely. The wearer is totally safe now. He for his life cannot escape the locked belt around his waist and henceforth will stay chaste

Applying the belt to a slave for a Master in the beginning will need some exercise, as He will feel being short of hands. The best way to do it, is shown on the pictures below by the manufacturer himself, using my body for demonstration. Start by bringing the back of the waist-belt behind the wearer; then snatch the protector between his legs and push the genitals inside. Thereupon take one end of the waist-belt, to put it in the groove of the protector; than do the same with the other. Choose the right slot, which has to be the same on both sides, push the extension at the upper side of the protector downwards and take the key out (pics 30-36).

Or just have a look at this short film:

That the Carrara is unvisible under normal clothes shows this film:

30. The totally clean shaven genital zone of the slave waiting to become belted
31. Cock and balls of the slave are allready totally covered by the protector
32. The right end of the waistband stucked into the groove of the locking block...
33. ... and the left end of the waistband follows immediately after that
34. The shackle is pushed downwards into the case of the padlock...
35. ....and than in the end the key can be taken out
36. The slave is securely locked up now, his tubed cock being henceforth totally invisible....
37. only his big slaveballs still can be discovered on either side behind solid bars
38. The Carrara is permanently locked on now. Note the carefully clean-shaven crotch of the slave, thus intentionally prepared for long-time wear without hygienic problems. At first the naked skin of the belly may get a little irritated, but in the end it is more comfortable, because without pubic hair the slave will perspire much less

And now: getting used to wearing a real heavy stainless steel Carrara chastity belt!

Staying chaste with help of a Carrara is not as easy as it perhaps may seem at first sight. Of course, the high-security device guarantees total and eternal sexual abstinence once accurately locked. But because of its vastness, a slave in a way will have to 'learn' to wear a real Carrara chastity belt little by little to prevent physical problems, as the belt will mostly feel not very comfortable when it's new and the wearer, because of the pressure of the tempered steel, will constantly be reminded of the thick device around his waist. What's the case with stainless steel chastity belts in general, holds good for the Carrara in particular, as it is not only one of the safest belts existing, but also - for that reason - also one of the heaviest, and thus one of the heaviest too to adopt to for the (un)happy slave.

All new Carrara-belted male slaves at the start will be forced to concern themselves with their enforced chastity nearly the whole time, very awkward moments included, and to develop a lot of self-control. They will have to train themselves very, very quickly to avoid all spontaneous erections, as those will be punished really immediately by the belt itself because they are rather painful in the curved tube and, if happening often, may do harm to the skin of his penis. Only after some time of habituation will the slave's genitals 'know' their limits in space and adapt to it; the new male belt-wearer may then at last relax.

Of course, as with all belts, the wearer of a Carrara will find out immediately that going to a toilet requires more attention to avoid a mess than before. Belted men will have to learn to accept the humiliating fact that hey henceforth will always have to piss in a sitting position and can't use urinals anymore.

After the Carrara is delivered and locked on for the first time, it must be bent by hand for fit and comfort. Then a period is usually also required for the wearer and the belt simply to adjust to each other. This in fact is the case with all belts, but the better - i.e. safer and thus stronger - a belt is, the more time this will take. As a real high-security chastity belt like the Carrara, meant for serious long-term wear, is very heavy and thus very heavy to wear in the beginning both physically and psychologically, the slave will be aware of it and his enforced chastity the whole time.

The slave therefore should wear a new Carrara just for 1-2 hours on the first day, then gradually lengthen the amount of time spent in the belt. As the belt has to be applied very tight to the body of the wearer like a second skin of steel to make self-stimulation or even escape absolutely impossible, and thus to guarantee his absolute chastity, the wearer especially has to get used to the uninterrupted and unescapable very firm grip of the belt at the hips, the genitals and the perineum, which, when the belt is locked in place the first time, after half an hour may seem unbearable.

39. Two recently enslaved boys, by wearing chaps forced to show in public in a humiliating way the heavy Carrara they have to bear 24/7 around their clean-shaven slavecrotches from now on to stay chaste because of lack of sufficient self-dicipline. The waistbelt is covered by black leather, but the protector will be clearly visible to everybody all the time
40. The new slave of pic 10 securely belted! Delivered complete with collar and cuffs from the same manufacturer. Picture made by Coolpictures for Carrara designs
41. Two attractive young slaves secured carefully by their thoughtful Owner with a Carrara against potential seducers. Picture made by Coolpictures for Carrara designs
42. A silver-shining Carrara combines allways very well with black leather chaps. Picture of a proud young belted muscular slave made by Coolpictures for Carrara designs
43. And so it looks like for the slave himself, being belted in a Carrara securely 24/7/365...

Preparation for permanent wear

For all those reasons, usually it will take some months of training for slaves until the Carrara is felt in both ways as a 'normal' part of the body and thus can be worn without discomfort continuously for permanent chastity.

Once the chastity belt is locked securely around his - preferably at the outset clean-shaven - crotch (pic 38), the slave will, because of the firm grip of the inflexible steel, be immediately aware that he can't escape his fate, although at the initial stage of his enforced chastity he will, as he is irrevocably getting more and more horny after being locked up some time, more often make an attempt to do that, by trying to push the belt over his hips or to cum inside through jerking the tube - both always in vain. Only when taking a shower he will able to excite the gland of his penis a little with help of the jets of water spouting through the small holes at the lower end of the tube, but as he - even when pushing the protector at the same time downwards as much as possible (which isn't very much, perhaps 1 cm if the belt is attached as tight as it should be for maximum security) - because of the curved shape of the tube can stretch his penis at most half-way, this kind of stimulation in fact will only result in more sexual frustration, as he will become aware of the fact that he is in no way able to cum ever more, and thus the severe knowledge of his enforced chastity will imprinted into his mind more than ever.

As said, at the beginning the Carrara may feel very narrow, too narrow indeed, hurting and squeezing at a lot of places to the still unaccustomed body of the wearer. Thus it is very advisable not to lock up the victim immediately 'for ever', but give him time to get used to the permanent pressure, by extending the wearing time more and more. After a few months of training, his body should be adapted enough to the belt to make semi-permanent wear possible, for which this chastity belt is specially intended and thus designed - which, since in the design a lot of provision has been made for that, makes the Carrara so expensive as well.

Because the steel of the belt will not yield to the flesh of the slave, the flesh of the slave will have to yield to the steel of the belt. As the steel, irrespective of the rubber lining inside, is hard and not flexible, to make this confrontation less painful the flesh has to be as soft and flexible as possible. This means:

1. It is advisable, before applying the belt for a longer period, to grease the waist, the genitals and especially the always very sensitive gland of the penis with a lot of salve to avoid shaving the skin and - in the case of the penis - to have unintended contact with the unlined inner side of the tube passing off more pliantly.

2. The belt wearer will from now on have to smother directly every beginning erection, because only when the penis is soft can it stand the tube; when hard steel is confronted with hard flesh, the steel will overcome the flesh, and the flesh become painful.

Adaptations of the slave's body and behaviour

After some time, the soft flesh of the belly will have adapted itself to the belt by receding at the sides; a longtime Carrara chastity slave will also, after unlocking the belt, be recognizable by his narrowed waist between ribs and hips (see also pic 15). Still, although in the end his body has adapted itself to the feeling of the belt, he will most of the time be aware that he is locked up, as the huge locking-block of the protector, that has to be tight-fitting for absolute safety, is always pressing a little bit against his lower belly (pic 17). Further, he nearly always will feel the iron string cutting into his ass (pic 18) and, since the string for escape-prevention reasons is joined in a very tight way to a special inflexible triangular transverse plate pointing downwards from the central back of the at that place relative high waist-belt (pic 19), moreover will feel it pushing a little onto his tail-bone permanently.

Lying down and sleeping while being belted is the most simple position and the first the wearer will get used to without problems. In the beginning, he might during his sleep still become regularly tormented by spontaneous morning erections, resulting in very painful awakenings and a hopeless agony with his own sexual agitation. The only way out then is to wait patiently at the moment of slackening. But after several weeks, those harassments mostly - as they should to reach the intended internalisation of the slave's chastity - will fail to appear, as the penis of the wearer 'knows' there is no space for that anymore and the body of the wearer by then has learned that to prevent punishment it has to suppress all unchaste feelings.

When sitting, a Carrara-belted slave should avoid very soft and very hard chairs, because he will feel the ass-string in that case more. For that reason, when riding a bike often, a special saddle may be advisable.

When standing, he will discover that the fact that the wide waist-belt, for a better hold on his body in the middle of the rear side, is even extra wide, forces him to bend his back a little bit concave for comfort, and thus at the same time to stretch out both bis buttocks slightly more backwards. The ass-string, cutting in between and thus separating both more clearly than otherwise by pushing the flesh side-ways, makes the bulges even more pronounced (pic 19). Normal, non-tight clothes will hide that without any problem, but when naked the slave thus rather automatically presents his posteriors in a rather challenging submissive position.

For walking, to prevent chafing of the inner side of the legs by the protector, a pair of narrow-fitting drawers is advisable. Still, for really running, the belt is an obstacle.

Pissing in the very beginning may be a little difficult, as the penis will touch easily the curved tube by trying to do so, what may cause a physical blockade. The psychical excitement of the very new experience of being belted may strengthen that. The wearer therefore has to train himself to sit down relaxed and to concentrate himself on letting flow away his fluids very very slowly, also to avoid a mess, trying not to think about his belted state and enforced chastity with wich he is confronted than automatically in a more intense way than at most other moments of daily life.

And of course, every morning the slave awakes, perhaps after having some very horny dreams, when he looks down he sees what you see at pic 43. He will grab with his horny hands for his cock and balls to find only relentlessly thick steel securely encaging the padlock that holds the device around his genitals locked together. He might try in vain to move the knob of the padlock upward that pushes the shackle of the padlock downwards - and then he starts to realize again that as a slave he is securely belted all the time, that because of lacking the keys he will stay as totally chaste the forthcoming day as he did the passed one, and that he can do nothing about it....

Wearing the chastity belt visible in public

Becoming belted for the first time by your Master is for a slave one of the most humiliating experiences conceivable - only surpassed by being ordered at special meetings to show other Masters and slaves in public that you are forced to wear a solid chastity belt for safety reasons 24/7/365 to become a good slave because of your own lack of self-discipline. Showing others that You control a slave's sexuality enhances Your power and public esteem as a Master, whereas it makes a slave realise his powerlessness and loss of freedom in a very emphatic way.

For good exposure of the Carrara therefore slaves in those cases may be obliged to wear chaps, as they will then automatically show the heavy chastity belt they have to bear 24/7/365 around their clean-shaven slave crotches, like the two boys in pic 39 (me being the left one). The black colour of the pliant leather contrasts very well with the silver-shining of the inflexible iron, and the view of the bystanders will be directed easily again and again to the heavy protector securing the cock and balls of the wearer, keeping him chaste and thus in a state of lasting sexual slavery (pic 42).

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