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New page

I'm not sure any one knows enough to complete this article. Remember, there is both a Nipple torture and a Breast bondage topic, so this content has to be restricted (though there is likely to be content from those that belongs here). I SUGGEST the following headings to make the article workable but I leave the actual headings to other editors:

  • General

A place to include whatever is common to male, female, hetero- and homo-sexual.

    • Implements

(Presumably these are common to both?)

  • Male breasts

Covering ways and means to torture the male breast.

    • Leather

Specific to the leather subculture and the ways omniviant males will use tit torture.

  • Female breasts

Covering ways and means to torture the female breast. (There are also safety issues that I currently understand are unique, here.)

--Interesdom 08:49, 12 February 2007 (UTC)

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